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Château de Montvillargenne, an eco-responsible "Green Key" destination

Château de Montvillargenne - Chantilly

Château de Montvillargenne, an eco-responsible "Green Key" destination

In a world where protecting the environment has become a priority, Château de Montvillargenne is committed to sustainable development. Recently awarded the Clef Verte label, our Chantilly establishment is implementing a number of eco-responsible actions, from the management of its vast natural park to the reduction of its plastic footprint.

An unspoilt natural setting

A true jewel of biodiversity, the Château's grounds are home to no fewer than 19 protected bird species, including the woodlark and the black woodpecker. To preserve this fragile ecosystem, the gardeners limit the use of phytosanitary products as much as possible and encourage the development of a varied flora, like the 125 plant species inventoried as early as 1671.

Guests are asked to keep to the paths so as not to disturb the local wildlife, which also includes some of the well-known inhabitants of the Chantilly forests, such as roe deer and wild boar.

A comprehensive approach to waste reduction

But the Château doesn't stop at preserving its exceptional natural setting. In an era of growing environmental awareness, the establishment has taken a thorough look at its consumption patterns to minimize its plastic footprint.

Zero waste rooms

Upon entering the rooms, guests will find eco-responsible welcome products. The body care range is now presented in large refillable bottles made from recycled plastic. This is a major step forward in reducing single-use plastic waste.

Zero packaging is also promoted throughout the hotel. Where possible, plastic is completely eliminated in favor of alternatives such as recycled paper or corn starch, including for boutique items.

Raising customer awareness

In addition to its own efforts, the Château seeks to involve its guests in this eco-citizen approach. Recycling garbage cans are provided, and linen is changed only on request to save water.

An environmental charter details all the green gestures adopted by the establishment, with the aim of raising travelers' awareness of the disastrous consequences of plastic on the oceans and marine biodiversity.