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The Tropical Gallery, a space dedicated to art and creativity

Tropical Hôtel - Saint-Barthelemy

the Tropical Gallery exhibition space for emerging artists

An exhibition space for emerging artists

The Tropical Gallery, located within the Tropical Hôtel in Saint-Barthélemy, is a space dedicated to art and creativity. With a unique artistic and cultural signature, the Tropical Hôtel, St Barth welcomes and brings together artists from rich and varied backgrounds in its own unique environment.

"About Dreams", the poetic works of Raphaël Le Friant

Raphael Le Friant, founder of the About Dreams brand, is currently exhibiting at the Tropical Gallery. This traveling artist goes in search of rare vintage pieces, reworking them by hand to turn them into genuine works of art.

With the butterfly as his symbol, Raphael Le Friant silkscreens and transforms these collectors' garments into unique creations, blending fashion, art and poetry. 

His "About Dreams" exhibition, inaugurated on the opening night of the Tropical Hôtel last October, introduced visitors to his singular world.

The Tropical Gallery continues to welcome new artists, offering art and fashion lovers a dynamic and eclectic exhibition space on the island of Saint-Barthélemy.